By: Brie Buxton

I feel a profound change within.

I look at the people,


breathing around me,

comfortably clothed in their white skin,

moving fast-paced through their days with eyes fixed ahead...

I wonder if they notice the difference of my presence?

Can they feel my blossomed newness brush against them in passing?

Do they witness my strength and ownership of radiant Blackness....

Do I stand taller?

Do I sing louder?

I see my white sister’s and brothers and wonder: have their days changed, as mine have?

The ticking-past minutes each tapping out a deep moment of awakening?

I, summoned.

This wild life spent molding into the bread pan of whiteness,

seeking assimilation,

conforming to the chalk outlines, and now feels the Teflon-stiffness flaking,

breaking Me open…

Are you seeing this?

Are you as changed as I?

I see my kakao skin, mixed honey-brown, and recognize myself.

Have I always been here?

I am at once ancient and newborn, charged electric,

fine extremities tingling,

roots through the red Earth pouring into it the rhythm of my original heartbeat...

Tears beneath the surface,

blood beneath the surface -

shackles cracked and crumbled, given to the dust.

San. Ohemmaa. Alkebu-lan.


I lay claim to myself, and hold the door open wide in welcome.

Brie Buxton

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